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The Meek One is about a survivor of the apocalypse who recounts the events before and during the ”great tribulation.” It merges modern events and the fulfillment of bible prophecy.

Terrorists wound the US with a plan that takes two decades to unfold. Every city on the Eastern shores, except, Washington, D.C. are attacked with absolute precision and the use of strategically placed and very powerful explosives. In less than an hour, cities from Boston to Miami are reduced to rubble.

This sends a wave of chaos westward. The military must contain this breakdown of social order by erecting a barrier that stretches from Florida to Maine. Tents are set up and supplies are rushed to the compound set up to house the displace. But, the population is far to massive for the government to confine.

DILLON McCOY is the protagonist. He has spent most of his life as a covert agent for the CIA. .He is the most skilled assassin the government can deploy. He is a hero among his peers. His guilt is always justified taking the life of one to save the lives of the many. He reinforces the positive under the premise of serving the greater good and is able to overcome his personal reluctance over the nature of his assignments.

However, Dillon is in love with an African-American woman named Lindsey. They live in the same apartment complex in Pittsburgh, Pa. She is from New York City, where her family still resides. Although she loves Dillon very much, she has rejected is marriage proposals over and over. She understands why it is an ugly necessity in the ongoing fight for peace and freedom. However, she is adament that she could not be the wife to a man actually is capable of taking life .

Dillon carries out his final assignment by assasinating the powerful leader of organized crime. CIA intelligence suggusted that “Fat Tony” was about to make a move to consolidate all organized crime. His goals are to eliminate any competition and be the most powerful Don in mafia history.

He uses the temporary disorganization and the introduction of new faces to get to Fat Tony. He carries out his mission by putting two bullets in this ambitious and dangerous leader, and escapes in a very clever way. He is long gone before Fat Tony’s death is discovered.

He immediately travels to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. Upon his arrival, he is celebrated by his colleagues for the success of his mission. He walks strait to his Superior’s office, ignoring the praise with a blank expression.

He enters his superior’s office and is greeted with the headlines of the day’s paper, “Mob Boss Killed. Organized Crime takes a fatal hit. Dillon pushes aside the newspaper and slides a paper across his supervisor’s desk.

Dillon’s supervisor’s smile fades as he reads the document. He looks sternly at Dillon and crumbles up the paper and moves toward Dillon, “You cannot resign.” Dillon replies, “No, I can resign, and now I have resigned.” His supervisor grows angry and abruptly throws his resignation notice in the garbage can. “I don’t accept it, you are responsible for saving thousands of lives…No.

Dillon turns toward the door. “It is not your decision. It is mine. And it is done.” He opens the door and begins to leave. His Supervisor follows him out of the office, “Do you really think it’s that easy?” Dillon does not respond. We have invested too much in your training and you are the best we have.” Dillon continues walking away without a response. In a loud tone, his supervisor declares, “You can’t quit. You know that we will never allow you to leave…Never!”

Dillon reaches the exit and glances back, but remains silent. He passes through the exit with the supervisor’s words remain audible. “Never! Agent McCoy, Do you hear me? It’s not that easy. We will never allow it! Never! Never!”

The room is silent as the supervisor stands and stares at the exit. He looks around at all of the confused and surprised faces and yells out, “Get back to work!” He slams the door to his office behind him.

Dillon speeds away and drives through the night. As he enters the Pittsburgh city limits, he calls Lindsey on his mobile phone. He tells her that he had just turned in his resignation and that he wanted to see her. Her excitement cannot be restrained. Tears of happiness run down her cheek as she asks. “Where are you now?” He replies, look out your window.

Lindsey hastily moves to the window that overlooks the apartment complex’s parking lot. She grows even more excited as she watches his car pull in and come to park just below her window. He opens the car door and looks up and spots Lindsey standing in her window.

It was early in the morning and she was still in her night gown. She waves frantically, as she closes her phone. Dillon waves back and enters the main lobby. Lindsey runs to her door, grabbing a jacket, and rushes down the hall and waits by the elevator.

She anxiously watches the elevator ascend floor by floor until a dinging sound preludes the doors opening. When the elevator doors pull apart, she sees Dillon, standing inside with a smile. He starts to speak, but Lindsey touches his lips with her fingers to silence him as she embraces him and passionately kisses him.

Moments later, they find themselves inside her apartment…




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